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Since 1972 Illinois NORML has been fighting for the freedoms & rights of responsible marijuana consumers.

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Illinois NORML is a 501 c(4) Nonprofit dedicated to lobbying for consumers access to high quality cannabis that is safe, convenient, and affordable in a normalized and de-stigmatized society, while protecting the Cannabis plant and its consumers through safe cannabis resources (

About Our Partnership

Smoke Responsibly Social is an original Daily Roller event, we believe that society and marijuana consumption can coexist in a responsible way. We partner with Illinois NORML,  because it is a nonprofit consumer advocacy group that represents  the interest of thousands of Americans who use marijuana responsibly. Due to our common goal of de-stigmatizing responsible consumption a partnership between our organizations made sense. By promoting responsible consumption and educating our guided conversation social attendees about marijuana use, we believe that our events can help change public perception of marijuana and reduce the stigma associated with it -leading to greater community empowerment!

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